2022 Fall Female Sale

We are so excited to send this set of CSC females west!
Thank you Western Skies Herefords, The Topliff Family, La Grande, OR for purchasing our entire Fall Female Offering.

CSC 902 GAIL 218
3/17/22  Homozygous Polled
CSC 706 LAMBEAU 907 x CSC 508 Gail 902
CE 11.2 BW -1.4 WW 50 YW 84 M 29 SC 1.0 REA .3 MARB .1
CSC 218 has the Ladysport look, with depth and softness packaged in a way that always catches the eye. Dam, CSC 902, is a Churchill Frontline 6200D with excellent feet and leg structure and maternal sister to CSC 508 50B Brawn 704. As a first calf heifer she produced the lead-off bull in our 2022 Bull Sale. This gal has every potential to have fun with in the ring and produce herd sires down the road, it’s in her genes.

AHA Pedigree and Performance Info Link

CSC 008 MISS WYO 219
3/18/22  Homozygous Polled
CSC 706 LAMBEAU 907 x CSC 707 MISS WYO 008
CE 15.9 BW -2.8 WW 42 YW 70 M 26 SC 1.0 REA .19 MARB .23
The maternal runs strong in this one. The Miss Wyo line consistently produces herd sires and hard working females for us year after year. Pretty from the get-go, she’s a spitting image of her dam at this stage and I don’t expect the similarities to change. Who wouldn’t want a pasture full of gorgeous 2 year olds that look like her momma here, backed by one hell of a cow family. Fancy enough to show, her real strength will shine long term as a productive female in the pasture.

AHA Pedigree and Performance Info Link

CSC 011 LADY DEW 220
3/19/22  Homozygous Polled
CSC 706 LAMBEAU 907 x CSC 502 LADY DEW 011
CE 5.1 BW 2.2 WW 58 YW 98 M 24 SC 1.2 REA .33 MARB .11 
Here is a unique opportunity to add a very special Lady Dew to your program. Dam, CSC 011, is a 2 year old full sister to CSC 502 6209 Gold Creek 824, resident herd sire at Coyote Ridge Ranch, CO. Dam is also a maternal sister to CSC 701, dam of CSC 701 Bolder 901 (owned with Semex), who is making quite a name for herself on an international level and ranks in the top 5 of the Canadian Maternal Productivity Index. We feel CSC 220 has every potential to carry on the family tradition, making herd bulls and herd bull mommas that get the job done and cross well on a wide array of stock across the country and around the world.

AHA Pedigree and Performance Info Link

CSC 904 MISSY 204
2/25/22 Polled
CSC 701 BOLDER 901 x CSC 607 MISSY 904
CE 11.8 BW -1.1 WW 50 YW 80 M 36 SC 1.4 REA .44 MARB .18
Our very first Bolder 901 to sell, we wanted her to stay but the wonderful Topliff Family wanted her a little more. She’s been a stand out from day one, out of a gorgeous uddered 3 year old from our hardworking Missy 72W cow family and our all time favorite bull, CSC 901. She will be a great cow family addition to the package headed west.

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