Hereford Cattle are our PASSION

We are located in Sundance, WY, just 14 miles South of I-90 on Hwy 116 in the Shadow of Inyan Kara Mountain. Give us a call, we’d love to show you our program!

Our mission is to create the best, bold bodied Future Cows and Herd Bulls. We focus on natural performance with minimal input. Our goal is to make good, functional, practical, fertile, forage harvesters with style, class, and a look even the most critical evaluators can appreciate at all stages. Our cattle must thrive on WYO range, giving them a grass bloom advantage that customers can take in any direction.

We are grateful for the confidence folks are showing in our program and always excited to see what the next generation can do in a wide variety of environments across the country, from the replacement pen to the ring and especially back in the pastures. Our Cow Herd has grown in strength and numbers, allowing us the opportunity to offer a Select Set of Females for sale by Private Treaty in the Fall.

On our trips over the years we’ve been able to visit many of our Bull Customers from the past 10 years selling CSC Bulls. It is always such a delight to see so many of our Boys still covering the masses and doing so in such great shape, seeing their offspring in production, but also finding out that so many have become Ranch Favorites! We offer bulls for sale in the Spring, developed with longevity in mind. We keep it simple; long stem grass hay, 14% grower pellet, VitaFerm mineral, and No Creep pre-weaning.


CSC 701 Bolder 901
2/20/19   Homozygous Polled MD Free
Owned with Semex
TH 22R 16S Lambeau 17Y x CSC 502 Lady Dew 701
CE 11.0 BW -0.7 WW 55 YW 93 SC 1.1 M 31 REA .27 MARB .08
CSS Semen Available- Contact Us or Semex
Actual BW 79 lbs * Adj WW 749 lbs  
Super 2 yr old Dam, GrandDam, Great GrandDam… the list goes on as it’s the same Cow Family as Breed Legend NJW 88X. 
901 is a Moderate Framed, Soggy Middled, Structurally Correct, Big Hipped, Easy Going, Calving Ease Sire that will definitely be utilized in our program.
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Check Out the Lady Dew Cow Family

CSC 607 456B Red Power 801
2/2/18 Polled MD Free
Owned with Mohican West, Laurel, MT
Click here for AHA Pedigree and Performance Info
BW 1.0 WW 54 YW 84 SC 1.4 M 32 REA .41 MARB .06
Semen Available
We used ILR Red Power 456B on heifers to incorporate new genetics and to expand upon calving ease, udder quality, and carcass traits. CSC 801 beautifully combines his sire’s qualities with a problem free, good footed, dark pigmented cow family on the bottom side. It was a no-brainer for us to use 801 on CSC heifers this year, and were thrilled when Terry Powlesland, Mohican West thought he should do the same.

CSC 502 6209 Gold Creek 824
4/28/18 Polled MD Free
Owned with Coyote Ridge Ranch, LaSalle, CO
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BW 3.9 WW 67 YW 109 SC .9 M 26 REA .47 MARB -.01
This guy has been a stand out from the beginning! He has the look, the performance, and the genetics to become a leading herd sire. His maternal sister, CSC 701, is doing a whale of a job as a 2 yr old with her Lambeau 17Y bull calf, CSC 901. They have been a favorite of many this summer. We can’t wait to see 824’s offspring carrying the CRR brand!

CSC 508 50B Brawn 704
2/22/17 Homozygous Polled MD Free
Owned with Joseph McLennan, Belle Fourche, SD
Click here for AHA Pedigree and Performance Info
BW 3.0 WW 56 YW 99 SC 1.0 M 37 REA .49 MARB .03
From the Ladysport Cow Family comes another solid mover and great producer. 704 is siring problem free calves that get up and grow. We used him on heifers and will have a really nice son available this spring.

KT Gold Creek 6209
3/10/16 Polled
Owned with Kurt and Jessica Thomas, TX
Click here for AHA Pedigree and Performance Info
BW 4.9 WW 70 YW 107 SC .7 M 36 REA .6 MARB -.03
Semen Available
Gold Creek calves are loaded with Power, Performance, and a LOOK we LOVE! His first daughters came into production this year and they’re doing a heck of a job. We will have several of their sons in our 2021 Bull Sale. And don’t miss the set of grandsons selling at Coyote Ridge Ranch, La Salle, CO this Spring!

Here’s a Look at CSC Cattle… Our Foundation and Our Future