2023 CSC Bull Sale

We believe it is possible to blend calving ease and performance in an eye appealing package.
We like our cows to be extra high volumed, extremely sound structured, and easy fleshing; the kind of cattle that can thrive in any environment. Females must be feminine, good uddered with plenty of milk flow, possess excellent mothering ability, calve and raise one through weaning problem free, as well as breed back in a timely manner. Though we like a bold body, they must put more into their calf than they do themselves. Our 2 year olds are no exception, they get no special treatment and run neck and neck with our mature cows, outperforming them at weaning time. The proof is in the lbs, a great measure has been breeding heifers to the same bulls as cows and watching the results walk across the scale in the fall.
When we focus on the female with performance in mind, herd bulls with strong maternal are a natural creation.
In addition to a good momma, our bulls must be masculine with good scrotal shape and circumference. They must possess a strong top line, have a long, square hip, get around easily on a well shaped foot, and be a viewing pleasure. We believe calf shape, presentation, and vigor carries significance; a nice sized calf that comes easy and gets up and goes (and grows) is our goal and inherit in every bull.

Our bulls are developed right here at home with longevity in mind. We keep it simple; long stem grass hay, 14% grower pellet, VitaFerm mineral, and No Creep pre-weaning. So these guys are ready to go to work this spring and hold up for the long haul. They have GE EPD’s, are DNA Parentage Verified, and free of all known defects.

Bulls are For Sale Private Treaty and are available for viewing any time.

For Sale by Private Treaty

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CSC 022 BOLDER 202
** SOLD **
Thank You Walking Five Ranch, Sundance, WY

2/21/22  Homozygous Polled
CSC 701 BOLDER 901 x CSC 813 LADY DEW 022
CE 7.3 BW 1.4 WW 59 YW 98 M 30 SC 1.4 REA .46 MARB .23
Actual BW 88 lbs * Adj WW 879 lbs * Adj YW 1464 * Scrotal 42 cm
Calving Ease, Performance, Udder Quality, Foot Shape, Bone, Testicular Development, Homo Polled….. √√√
Our first Bolder 901 son checks a lot of boxes and definitely does not disappoint!
Smooth made, long strided, flexible, freckle faced with perfect eyeliner pigment, deep quartered with extra body, mass and bone. He’s complete in both his phenotypic make up and genetic profile. 202 is out of a fantastic 2 year old from the Lady Dew cow family, who out preformed herself in every way with her first calf, weaning off 58% of her body weight (no creep). The Lady Dew cow family gets the job done, and looks good doing it.
202’s sire, CSC 701 Bolder 901, is a Moderate Framed, Soggy Middled, Structurally Correct, Big Hipped, Easy Going, Calving Ease Sire owned with Semex. 901 bred incredibly well for us, heifer calves are gorgeous, functional, soft and easy on the eyes and bull calves get up and grow! The calf reports from around the world are exciting; he’s breeding well on lots of different cow types, in different climates, and producing head turners with lots of vigor.
Here’s your chance at a son that doubles down on Cow Power and Beautiful Udders that Pack a Punch!

Selling full possession, retaining 1/2 semen interest

** SOLD **
Thank You Pelton Polled Herefords, Halliday, ND

3/1/22  Polled
NJW 79Z 6589 REVOLVE 165G ET x CSC 701 LADY DEW 004
CE 8.1 BW 0.8 WW 69 YW 111 M 43 SC 2.1 REA .26 MARB .07
Actual BW 85 lbs * Adj WW 867 lbs * Adj YW 1481 * Scrotal 42 cm
Elite Herd Bull Prospect
He’s long, he’s attractive, he’s got BIG SPREAD, He’s What We’re After!
Hootenanny flawlessly combines calving ease, performance, and matrilineal power in an exceptionally eye appealing package. He’s always had a look we love and we believe he will make females everyone will want a pasture full of and herd bulls that’ll make your jaw drop. Dam, CSC 004, is a powerful and eye catching 2 year old, maternal sister to CSC 701 Bolder 901; who’s done a phenomenal job for us and is quickly becoming a popular international Semex sire. Granddam, CSC 701, tops the charts in the Canadian Maternal Productivity Index; a measure of maternal traits that are important to profitability.
The top side of his pedigree contains more well rounded maternal producers from the NJW program, BW 91H 100W Rita 79Z and NJW P606 72N Daydream 73S. It’s a program and cow herd we know well, stretching back to the days of 72N herself, and genetics we use with confidence.
Combining the strength of the bottom side of his pedigree with the top side, gives him monster wealth of proven, steadfast maternal genetics and he packs a punch in the performance department too!

Selling full possession, retaining 1/2 semen interest

Thank You Baumgarten Cattle Co, Belfield, ND

3/1/22  Homozygous Polled
CSC 701 BOLDER 901 x CSC 1211 JEWEL 913
CE 11.9 BW -1.0 WW 59 YW 92 M 40 SC 1.1 REA .27 MARB .03
Actual BW 93 lbs * Adj WW 771 lbs * Adj YW 1410 * Scrotal 38 cm
This guy is BOLD!
He’s also soggy, rugged, wide bodied, flexible, early maturing, masculine, pigmented, and has been impressive from day 1. No doubt about it, he is his father’s son! Accomplice has what it takes to be an excellent breeding sire, blending functionality, productivity, and doability in an attractive package backed by a no nonsense maternal line.
Dam, CSC 913, is long bodied and square uddered with excellent teat placement. She’s only a 3 year old and this is her second year producing a lead off herd bull prospect.

Selling full possession, retaining 1/2 semen interest

CSC 817 HAYDAY 210
Thank You Clifford Hereford Farms, Cynthiana, KY

3/2/22  Homozygous Polled
CSC 701 BOLDER 901 x CSC 76Y MISS WYO 817 ET
CE 6.4 BW -0.8 WW 49 YW 88 M 28 SC 1.3 REA .24 MARB -.05
Actual BW 86 lbs * Adj WW 684 lbs * Adj YW 1231 * Scrotal 39 cm
Here’s a Bolder son from the Miss Wyo 76Y cow family that has style, look, and a huge, square hip. He’s an eye catcher with pigment and freckles, he’s sure to stamp on his offspring.

3/9/22  Polled
NJW 79Z 6589 REVOLVE 165G ET x CSC 76Y MISS WYO 707
CE 5.9 BW 1.2 WW 49 YW 81 M 32 SC 1.5 REA .27 MARB .03
Actual BW 88 lbs * Adj WW 698 lbs * Adj YW 1292 * Scrotal 38 cm
Maternal is his middle name!
215 is the epitome of long bodied and smooth made. Dam, CSC 707, is a model brood cow; moderate, capacious, gorgeous uddered, excellent feet, and oh so beautiful. Her daughters in production are what we strive for and the building blocks of where we’re headed. Combining the Miss Wyo cow family with the NJW 79Z cow family packs this guy full of the maternal material we’re after. We have big plans for in herd use of this guy and are offering him to a like minded breeder so he can see the use he deserves.

Selling 1/2 interest and 1/2 possession, possession negotiable

Here’s a peek at the Boys as they’ve been coming along.
Our most exciting offering to date!