We offer a Wide Range of options when it comes to Marketing your Livestock and your Program. We cover everything from Cattle to all types of Working Dogs and Horses, etc.

We also provide Sale Clipping and Torching to help streamline your livestock marketing and maximize your $Dollar, contact us to discuss package options.

Many of the cattle you see pictured and videoed by us are clipped and prepped by US. I’m a firm believer that they need to look the part to play the part on camera! Clippers, torches, and cans of oil have been in my hand longer than cameras and computers and we can help you through the entire process, whether it’s your first sale or perhaps your a seasoned outfit just ‘sick of it’ we can help take some of the ‘stress’ out of picture/video day. Heck, if your looking for a completely ‘stress free day’ consider a simple Ranch Promo Shoot where you can end up with lots of fun stuff to work with for catalogs, ads, social media, private treaty, look books, etc; including as many individual pasture shots as Cody has the breath/stealth to get ears on! It’s also another great option for marketing small or large groups, whether its privately or sale format, a few simple pictures and a little classy video go a VERY LONG WAY in todays digital/visual world!

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