‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season
My favorite Season
Bull Sale Season!!
Stop #1 of the week Churchill Cattle ❤️
‘Twas a little snowy yesterday and a bit frosty this morning but mission accomplished none the less. Can’t wait to see these boys struttin their stuff in the video pen after Christmas! What a set!!
Now we’re loaded up and headed to stop #2 on a 3 stop tour….

From Manhattan we headed northward
Stop #2 Holden Herefords 💕
A Program carried through the Generations
‘Twas a wee bit windy finishing up catalog pictures but that’s par for the course up north. Good thing that doesn’t phase these fine HH bovine! Nothing compares to working with a crew through the years all with the same goal in mind. Great cattle and that make it effortless and that’s what we should all be working towards. Effortlessness
After the last one left the picture pen we loaded up and let the winds blow us south. Through the canyons and over the mountains to a little place I like to call Hereford Heaven.
Stop #3…..

Stop #3 Hereford Heaven ❤️
Thomas Herefords, Gold Creek, MT
The cattle, the history, the people, the conversations and camaraderie, and THE WAFFLES oh my the wafflesIt’s my home away from home, always has been. There’s nothing better than getting to wake up to Mrs Shirley Thomas’s world famous waffles and equally famous spirited conversation with Richard, then heading out and rolling the entire private treaty offering through the chutes for a little clean up while watching the snow fly just up the road in the mountains. We pushed hard because winter was finally catching up with us, but not so hard that we didn’t stop for pie at noon.
We’ll give these guys a few weeks to get a little grow back then be back up to (eat more waffles) video and picture 40 yearling bulls, 20 two year olds, and 40 replacement heifers in Jan. It’s quite an offering we can’t wait to help show off!
On the last day of our trip, after my 6th waffle of the morning and 25th hug from Mrs Thomas, we rolled ourselves into the pickup and headed her on home for a few days. As I sit here in the office at home I can’t help but reflect on the incredible life we live and the amazing people and quality cattle we are so privileged to work with. Next week…. Bull Sale Video Season Begins!!

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