There’s no season like BULL SALE SEASON!

2019 was a wild ride, we spent more time focusing on our amazing clients and taking a little more time to enjoy what we are cultivating here at home. I also took advantage of an amazing opportunity to attend the Sydney Royal Easter Show, New South Wales, Australia (Bucket List- Check) and be a part of their 100 years of Angus Celebration. I believe I can best sum up that trip by saying I’ll be heading back over for 2 weeks in June, and Cody gets to go this time!

We finished the decade off with prepping for 2020 Client Sales, getting the Holden Feature Bulls clipped and pictured, mowing in the NJW Feature Bulls for pictures, prepped Churchill Bulls for pictures, and then back up to torch the rest of Dale’s strong offering and video a week later. Then down to Coyote Ridge Ranch to torch their Private Treaty Bull Offering for pictures and video scheduled for early Feb, took a moment to drool over their Denver Pens, and back up to Thomas Herefords to burn their Private Treaty Bulls for pictures and videos scheduled for next week. I had the privilege of working with the talented and fun loving Morgan Meisenheimer several times this year and had a blast putting cattle to her in the picture pen as well as jumping in for my favorite job of all time, next to running shears and working hair, Getting Ears! To say we had fun is an understatement, I love getting to work with like minded individuals who’s main focus is the task at hand, who put everything they’ve got into it, love what they do, and can still have an amazingly fun time throughout the process. Those are my people.

2020 started off with Cody heading back up to torch the NJW Sale Bulls, then off to Schaff Angus Valley to jump in on clipping the SAV Offering again this year. While I finished up editing Churchill videos and prepping for our own pictures and videos. This time of year can be stressful but we wouldn’t trade it for the world because we are so privileged and honored to work with some of the best folks in the industry, all while just doing what we love!

CSC 2020 Upcoming Client Sales

Churchill Cattle Co World Class Bull Sale 
     January 28, 2020 
     Selling 132 Bulls in Manhattan, MT 
     Check out their Catalog and Videos or find them on FaceBook

Schaff Angus Valley Production Sale
     February 8, 2020
     Selling 450 Bulls and 225 Females in St Anthony, ND
     Visit for details

Strommen Ranch Bull Sale
     February 15, 2020
     Selling 60 Angus Bulls at the Ranch, Ft Rice, ND
     Catalog Available at

Holden Herefords Production Sale
     March 9, 2020
     Selling 150 Bulls and 50 Females in Valier, MT
     Check out for more info

McCumber Angus Bull and Female Sale
     March 25, 2020
     Selling 130 Bulls and 30 Females in Rolette, ND
     Info at

Ned and Jan Ward Bull Sale
     March 28, 2020
     Selling 100 Bulls and 35+ Females in Sheridan, WY
     Details at

Coyote Ridge Ranch Private Treaty Bull Sale with Mayo Ridge Ranch
     Selling 50 Bulls in La Salle, CO
     Catalog Available at
     Pictures and Videos Coming in February

Thomas Herefords Private Treaty Bull Sale
     Selling 60 yearling and 20 two year old Bulls in Gold Creek, MT
     Pictures and Videos Coming in February
     Check out the program at
Ollerich Brothers Private Treaty Bull Sale
     Selling 25 Fall Bulls in Clearfield, SD
     Details at

Photo Credits to the Amazing Emily H Photography, THE Josh Lasby, Gypsy Soul Sister Morgan Meisenheimer, Kason Fitzpatrick, Random Lady on the Beach, and CSC

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