The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2017 Toronto

This is what it’s all about Folks!! 
The result of 5 generations of JDL (Lasby Family) Hereford Genetics were honored in Toronto this last week being slapped Supreme Female with JDL Janice 11X 119E and heifer calf JDL Janice 4R 125E at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The first Hereford Females to receive such honor at this show.
Their Herdsire, Elm-Lodge Cherokee 14C, named this years National Champion Hereford Bull stood proudly along side his first set of calves in the stall and definitely looked the part in the Supreme Bull Drive.
Lasby’s Royal Elite All Breeds Sale Heifer, JDL Janice 14C 204E, combined the genetics of The JDL Janice Cow Family and Elm-Lodge Cherokee 14C beautifully. I know we’ll see her and many more to come rising to the top, Not only in the Ring but in the Pastures as well.
But Beyond the Backdrop is where the strength of the Lasby Clan shines even brighter.
It’s truly my Dream Team! Always quick with a smile and a laugh, first to lend a hand to anyone, show string run like a well oiled machine but its so much more than that…..
Every One of Them has their oars in the water and is rowing the same direction in Unison. Combine that with the strength and support of their inner circle of friends and extended family and Hold On cause that much momentum is powerful enough to waterski!
Congrats Lasby Clan and Thank you for letting me throw my oar in the water alongside you!!
I believe my burnt out feeling is officially over and I can’t thank you all enough for that!

Supreme Slap Photo Credit to Barngirls Photography


The Royal Supreme Female



The Royal National Champion Hereford Bull

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