Lifestyle Photography

Let the world see what you do, and let them see the PASSION with which you do it!

Somewhere along the way I found more and more pictures that captivated me coming out of the camera, simple moments I captured during a shoot of folks doing what they love. I also found myself taking my camera with me more and more here at home, catching glimpses of the things I love, work hard to have and the many blessings that surround us. Many of these special moments now grace our walls here at the home place.

I really enjoy offering Promotional Picture options, it pairs well with my love of visiting folks around the country, looking at cattle and touring different and unique operations. We Love to Travel, so if you have an Idea or a Vision to promote your operation give us a call.

  • Have an event you’d like to capture such as a Branding, Sale, Big Drive, or Hunt?  Let me know, many of the pictures we get are used as Thank You’s to Crews, Owners, Clients, blown up for home/office/sale barn decor, and used in all types of advertising from Social Media and Websites to Sale Catalogs and Christmas Cards.
  • Wanting to promote an Event?  Let me help capture images that can show a slightly different perspective to a broad audience, with marketing material for years of future use.
  • Have a Special Beast in your life that you’d like to have some neat shots of?  I kind of have a thing for that!
  • Have any type of Working Dog or Horse that photo/video could help market? Yep, we do that too!

Check out Promotional Videos on our YouTube Channel